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Dakota Red Bill Nash S-63... "Skanky!"

Nash Guitars Headstock

The legendary Norman's Rare Guitars has a few new Nash models listed on eBay right now. They're also listing some of the most expensive vintage collectibles I've seen, i.e. a '60 Les Paul Standard Burst listed at $350K, and a '55 two tone burst Strat at $50K! I looked at them awhile, and dreamed I was in a Hollywood movie-- and that I was the star of the movie...

But back to the Nash S-63. One of the best relic brands for your aged-distressed dollar, a new Nash typically sells for well under $2k. People dig how they feel, and they always feature those special made-for-Nash Lollar pickups. A hefty case is included too!

Dakota red seems more skanky than fiesta red. If you see a gal in Dakota red hi-heels & lipstick, you better run! Which way you run is entirely up to you.

About Nash Guitars - Read what Bill has to say! Learn something.

FAT TONE GUITARS - Another Nash Dealer we like.

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