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Bipolar Shaman's Healing Stratocaster Project

James Winningham, one of our long time readers has been woodshedding his way through recovery to enlightenment- no thanks to reading my blog ;))- yet nonetheless James, aka Bipolar Shaman, has recently completed a home recording project of the same name. A collection of instrumental guitar tracks with spiritual, new-age, bluesy-jazzy grooves; Bipolar Shaman is also one individual's quest through the home recording technology learning process so many of us would rather not confront.

The above clip is a nice video medley from the album currently available for download at:

The Shaman's current main axe is a natural ash/rosewood, Fender FSR Standard Strat, on which he's replaced the stock pups with Duncan Hot Rails and re-fretted to his liking.

James has this to say about his solo home recording process: "How I record: I compose in MIDI, laying down Bass, Drums, Strings, Voices, Keys, etc... I use the "Human Feel" setting to loosen up the MIDI, knocking a tiny bit of volume and tempo off the track, then I record audio for each track. Then I start playing guitar, sometimes finding a new part from the guitar and going back and adjusting the MIDI. Then I start mixing down in 16 bit 44.1 kHz. Play guitar to the mix. Re-edit. Re-mix. Eventually record guitar using a DigiTech RP-50 for distortion only and on-board plug-ins for Chorus/Reverb/Delay, etc. Then mix it all together, and send it upstream to be mastered as an AIFC...". (audio interchange file format - compressed)

Shaman Link:

Ed note: I once read a cool thing in a Deepak Chopra book, where he refers to "finding yourself"; something most of us are often engaged in. To paraphrase, Chopra says that we don't find ourselves, we CREATE ourselves instead. So to anyone looking around for what you've lost, why not make & do NEW stuff because that's what you really are. Pick up your guitar and play, just like yesterday-- then get on your knees and pray you don't get fooled again. And remember to protect your hearing too.

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