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BB King & Buddy Guy Talk About Hendrix

This clip has been on Youtube for a while from the folks at Sirius XM Radio.

Buddy Guy cracks me up!!!

I recently acquired The B.B. King Treasures book. More than a typical bio, this volume contains replicated memorabilia items in parchment sleeves, representing a career spent mostly on the road. Lot's of interview content with BB and others. I'm still reading it, but so far my favorite story is about meeting Bill Graham and playing the Filmore the first time. BB didn't expect the enormous reception from a mostly white hippie audience who were well prepared to respect the King of the Blues by the likes of Mike Bloomfield, Eric Clapton and others. The Cook County Jail gig story is very cool too!

The book also features a companion CD of BB interviews-- which I haven't listened to yet.

I've seen BB King live, and marveled on how he works a room. Others who have also experienced this first hand will especially appreciate The B.B. King Treasures.

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