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Tom Anderson Hollow Classic MK - Friday #161

Mary Kaye-Kay style guitar

Tom Anderson Hollow Classic Mary K,Kaye,Kay
So, what's the secret little Anderson panel all about anyway?

Click pics for close-ups.

A Strat for Friday #161

We've featured Mary Kaye models by Fender, G&L, even Suhr... and now here's an Anderson version.

Besides the standard trans-white/blonde, pearly pickguard and gold hardware, this Anderson model is also a hollow/chambered body guitar. In fact, it's swamp ash on swamp ash! What's not to like about that! Light & resonant I'm sure.

The listing at eBay includes all the specs including a sorta semi-whacky description that coulda been written by a guitar blogger or something.

Seller: westchestermusic

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