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Skins Graphics for Guitars! REAL GUITARS!!!

Guitar skin covers just like phone skins and iPod skins!

Ouija board guitar skinActual finished guitar with "OUIJA" skin

Simulated guitars below.

Sunset guitar skin"SUNSET" skin

Swirl Guitar Skin"SWIRL" skin

Weathered Guitar Skin"WEATHERED" skin

Finally! Skins for your guitar!

Ed Note: 4th Floor is no more. Check out: AXEWRAPS

"Skins" for iPods and cell phones have been around awhile. Guitar game controllers too, I believe. Fourth Floor Graphics has introduced skins for guitars, composed of the same protective micro-thin, photo finish film you see used for the graphics on transit buses, beer trucks, news vans, etc. They also do ATV's and custom bike stuff.

The film is super thin, applies without blister & bubble hassles, and can be easily removed with the help of a blow dryer, to warm it up without harming the original finish. Even safe on nitro finishes.

Full user application instructions are provided with your skin. All guitar skins listed are available for Fender Strats & Teles and most other popular guitar bodies and headstock faces (the product listings aren't clear about that, but I confirmed.). When ordering, simply email message them your guitar's make/model after initiating the purchase. Just read all info provided in each product listing page.

Strat & Tele skins provide separate skin sections for the pickguards, to facilitate instrument maintenance. Pickup cutouts can be re-applied over a smooth pickup cover surface if you want full graphic coverage and "hidden" pickups.

More skin graphics are coming. The above is a cross section from approx. 43 currently available skins. Ask Fourth Floor Graphics about submitting your own photo/graphic for a custom skin. This may or may not be possible, but it never hurts to ask! AND TELL THEM STRATOBLOGSTER SENT YA! ;))

This is not the same stuff as the guitar Facelift products. You'll need to decide which is best for you.

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