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Ryan McGarvey, Strat-O-Brother Coming Up!

Nightwatcher recently let us know about Ryan McGarvey, a young Albuquerque based guitar player who is layin' down some heavy grooves, even sharing the stage with Joe Bonamassa recently. So you'll have to watch for McGarvey-- and check out the review at Nightwatcher.

And if I may brag for a moment-- above I spelled Albuquerque correctly on my first attempt without even looking it up!

That's a very hip part of the planet. They roast chili peppers in big rotating drum cages, and the aroma fills the air throughout the area. And everybody eats green chili stew. Somebody told me that in Albuquerque, New Mexico even McDonalds' serves green chili stew or nobody would go there. Ya gotta dig it when a local culture calls the shots like that. Great place for artists to come up!


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