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More Non-Guitar Music Escapes

The Bad Plus

In case you're tired of guitar blogs just pimping guitars and endlessly talking about guitars and guitar music, here's a brief departure in the above tune, Anthem for the Earnest by The Bad Plus. These crazy cats are a contempo jazz outfit who stay outside and edgy enough not to get pigeonholed too badly with the smoothies. And whacky enough to cover stuff like Rush's Tom Sawyer, Neil Young's Old Man, Floyd's Comfortably Numb-- and even some Nirvana. But still very East Coast avant garde boppy. Go figure.

If this is just too far from guitar for ya, turn your woman onto it for a work-out tune. Help her tighten those gluts at least!

Meanwhile, here's some other suggestions to try out:

On your guitar, learn the sax solo from The Rolling Stones' Brown Sugar-- or Booker T's organ solo from Stephen Stills' Love the One You're With.

One of the coolest guitar solos I ever thought I heard turned out to be a cheesy-mediocre sax solo through the walls, from the apartment next door. Think about it.

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