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How to Pick the Right Guitar Teacher!

Guitar teacher instruction manual, handbook, ebook download for guitar lesson home business or finding a good guitar teacher.

Bad Guitar Teacher
"Uhhhh, you here for guitar lessons or our spring radiator re-core special? We also got beef jerky and blue blocker sunglasses. What'll it be today?"

Them boys need:

Rob's Totally Awesome Guitar Teaching Handbook

And so does the *doosh bag in this video trying to teach his cat how to play guitar.

Actually, it's not that the cat couldn't learn to play really well, it's just that the guy obviously lacks effective teaching skills.

Even common house pets shouldn't have to take guitar lessons from just anyone. Even if they advertise lessons in the nickel want ads, grocery store bulletin boards or EVEN if they have a commercially zoned groovy instruction crib in the back of a music store where you take your guitar twice a year to get it tuned... EVEN THAT doesn't make them qualified to teach you, your kid, your cat, your gecko or a caveman how to play guitar!

Or maybe you already play guitar, perhaps well too-- and you'd like to set up to deliver effective guitar instruction, and be a mentor hero for future rock stars. How & where do ya start?

Whether you wanna learn from somebody or teach somebody about guitar, I strongly recommend checking out:

Rob's Totally Awesome Guitar Teaching Handbook by Seattle based hi-demand guitar teacher Rob Hampton. Stratoblogster Approved!

Read my full review.

*I learned this term from my teenage son. It's very popular now. Most kids don't actually know the literal meaning. I told him to ask his mother what it is. She told him it means "a dick head". Well alrighty then...

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