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G&L Comanche Semi-H Quilted Amber- Friday #163

Semi-hollow, quilted maple on ash body.

G&L Comanche Semi-hollow Quilt Maple Amber TopClick images for close-ups!


A recent arrival to the Guitar Adoptions inventory, this natural amber maple on ash would be just as good poured over waffles! And it's loaded from head to toe with sweet nutritious goodness and Z-coil pickup zing-a-tude, along with a deluxe molded hardshell case and a certificate signed by Mrs. Leo Fender. A complete breakfast! Click the above GA link for complete specs.

G&L is big into semi-hollows these days, and Guitar Adoptions stocks quite a few hi-end custom order models. They also stock more lefty models than many dealers. While browsing around be sure to also check out the G&L Jerry Cantrell Rampage stuff. They have a whiskey finish in-stock and are taking pre-orders on Blue Dress models too.

Basically, Guitar Adoptions is serious G&L headquarters kids-- and best to you each morning!

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