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Fender MIJ Pink Paisley Strat & Tele Set

1989 NOS New Old Stock Fender Japan Combo Guitars

Pink Paisley Fender Telecaster
Fender Pink Paisley Stratocaster
Strat Tele Combo MIJ Pink Paisley

We don't see the pink paisley stuff that often. This Fender Japan MIJ pair, is NOS from 1989 in "unplayed" condition. The Florida based seller also adds that this combo was acquired from a collector who kept them "in storage". Hard cases are included. The seller is a 100% rated dealer with other inventory listed.

It's curious how the Strat is a 3 bolt neck, but not the Tele. So even though a set, they're not based on the same era. The Strat's headstock is also fat, obviously a 70's period RI.

Only being sold as a set. Why break up a good thing-- right.

Seller: fullersoundcompany1

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