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Davide Garbujo Guitars Coming to America!

Click image for close-up.

Instead of Fiesta Red-- whaddaya think of Ferrari Red?!

Well, for Milan based Garbujo Guitars, Ferrari Red is the red of choice. You're looking at the GST Classic model. GST stands for ___________________. Figure it out ok.

Davide Garbujo comes from generations of Italian wood crafters, and studied under a renown luthier in Italy. Now, Garbujo's work will be available in America through USA dealer customguitarboutique.com who also recently interviewed the builder-- Click Here for interview. He also winds the pickups for his guitars, and has a proprietary AlNiCo design.

We should also mention Italian guitarist Igor Mazzone, a big fan of Garbujo guitars. You can follow up on this artist via the URL displayed early in the video clip.

CGB has several imported boutique lines in addition to Garbujo. So be sure to browse around the site and check them out. If you're in the NYC area make an appointment to try out their fine inventory.

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