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Danny Bryant - UK Strat-o-Brother Packs a Punch!

A reader just let me know about Danny Bryant-- who I shoulda known about a long time ago. A big fixture in the British Blues scene with like 7 albums, Bryant and his RedEyeBand are the kinda band you wanna catch when serious beer drinkin' and shoutin' are in order!

We're talkin' no-nonsense, all-up-in-your-nose Strat tone too. Danny gets around, a Youtube browse revealing lots of clips including some fine head cuttin' entertainment sharing the stage with the likes of Walter Trout and Popa Chubby. This guy even looks like the delivery driver for a fine malted beverage distributor... with a Strat!

Beer Drinkin', shoutin', double orders of hot wings and pukin' in the parkin' lot. You wanna do this awhile before settling into quiet recliner despair with Everybody Loves Raymond, now in endless syndication on cable...



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