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Around the Guitar Blogosphere

Tired of humdrum gear review, gear pimp & "dig my guitar expert opinion" guitar blogs like mine?

For a refreshing twist, let me recommend the following blogs:

Play a Little Guitar - literally, a little guitar. Blog includes a great collection of guitar related quotes in the right column.

The Vainglorious Atrocity - A real inglorious bastard guitar blogger!

These guitar blogs feature wit, humor, attitude, sarcasm and other unexpected twists. Why, yes they do.

And since I've approved them here at Stratoblogster, you can have the assurance & peace of mind that these blogs are virtually free of any side effects, choking hazards, glutens and trans-fats. At least, I think one of them is gluten-free.

Hey, it's Friday! Live a little-- let's get on with it! Whatever it takes to have a good time, so long as it doesn't cause a murder.

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