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Vintage Fender Princeton Reverb Amp Finds

Princeton Amps for sale

Check the latest listings on Fender Princeton Reverb amps. The mid-60's Blackface models are most desirable. Vintage Princeton's are a legendary studio amp as well as a platform for other successful amp lines. Mesa Boogie founder Randall Smith established himself early on, hot-rodding Princetons.
eBay is a good place to find them. Always seek long time sellers with good ratings, and be sure to get any questions answered.

If you're not into auctions, look for "Buy It Now!" listings-- many of these are posted by established gear dealers as opposed to private sellers.

Refer to the EBAY VINTAGE GUITAR AMPLIFIER GUIDE for more valuable tips. 

Check our Amp Directory for current listings results on other top make/model, boutique & vintage amps. 

Click Here for info. about new 65 RI Princeton amps modded by George Alessandro.

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