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Vintage 54-55 Fender Stratocaster- Friday #157

1954-55 Fender Sunburst Strat- 54 neck, 55 body

54-55 Strat TG Headstock
54-55 Vintage Stratocaster
Vintage Burst 54-55 Strat

The STRATosphere aka Reliable Fender is an eBay Seller only, and mostly known for selling Fender parts, bodies, necks, etc. They're a great source for EJ bodies & necks. They're the ONLY eBay gear seller I've found with a 100% rating and six figure plus positive feedbacks. How does someone manage this?!

They've got all their ducks in order with this listing too. "54-55" means it's a 54 neck-55 body. The ser# is 7866, and the initials "TG" inscribed on the neck butt stand for Tadeo Gomez, and the listing description contains thorough dissection pics along with careful differentiation lists of original vs not original components. Very transparent listing with a BIN of $18.5K because items like knobs, pots, tuners & string trees were replaced. Otherwise, the sticker would be way higher. Still, you're looking at original body, neck, pickups, saddles-- even the case!

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