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Fender Road Worn Strat PickguardRoad Worn pickguard w/Texas Specials

Fender 50's Reissue RI Strat Neck
2004 Fender Official 50's Reissue Stratocaster neck, Maple, Soft "V" Shape, 7.25 Radius, 21 medium jumbo Frets. Complete with Gold vintage tuners.

Fender 57 RI Classic Shoreline Gold Strat Body2006 Shoreline Gold, Genuine Fender Classic Player Stratocaster Body, Alder, 4 lbs 12 ozs

Carlsbad Guitars eBay Store has an interesting salvage yard biz goin' on for used Fender anatomy. Besides the above items-- and much more, they currently have a '72 RI natural ash, clear finish Strat body (3 hole), in beautiful condition; a fairly specialized item, but somebody may be looking for one. The odd, used Fender component selection is what sets these guys apart from new component inventory at merchants like The-STRATosphere and Angela-Instruments.

Good places to browse if planning a DIY Strat project & looking for pieces and ideas.

It's always better to get used parts from a 100% rated gear Stores dealer than from sporadic, weak history individual sellers who also list chainsaw parts, mag wheels & rifle racks. Yeah, buddy!

Strat Wiring Diagram Schematics

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