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South Florida's Young Royal Guitar Wonder

Thirteen year old Royal Hayes is our newest Young Guitar Wonder inductee. Bout time I featured a new one of these! Royal has been playing guitar for "almost 3 years".

"Almost"... Y'know how almost doesn't count except for hand grenades, nukes, etc... I think we can add Royal Hayes to that list.

Say's Royal's mom:

"...He really loves anything with a string on it. He plays blues, bluegrass, jazz, you name it. If it sounds good he likes it. His influences are Hendrix, SRV, Duane Allman, RL Burnside, George Benson, Tony Rice, John Mayer, Jimmy Page. He is a humble kid who just loves to play acoustic or electric, fingerpick or flat pick. He has been studying with Tom Floyd for about a year..."

Another arrival from the South Saturn Delta Force. The kid is into trick gear too i.e. Swart amps and Luther Drives (built by none other than Youtube sensation, the Gearmanndude himself).

Check out Royal's eclectic video inventory at: www.youtube.com/user/Vapor40

Special kudos to the Hayes parental units and teacher Tom Floyd for fueling a young spirit!!!

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