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NAMM ODDITIES 2010 Finally Online!!!


WTF is right! Barry Wood's 2010 edition of NAMM Oddities has finally hit the web!!! Great stuff!

Barry has this to say about the item pictured above:

"Work From Home!

Danelectro is looking for some stay-at-home moms interested in an exciting new home-based business opportunity. If you'd like to make money in your spare time (or even just during nap time), we've got the just the thing. Please send pictures of your kid's room to prove you've got all the necessary skills to join our team. References from local craft store are a plus.

P.S. Danelectro is not really looking for moms to paint their guitars... as far as I know."

So now we can FINALLY wrap up Winter NAMM 2010!!! Be sure to check out NAMM Oddities at the above link!

Oh yes, one more thing... Now we know why The Pennalizer couldn't find Doug Rappoport at the ENGL booth... Although Doug helped out at ENGL, he was also doing double duty over at CHARVEL.

Now we can move forward!

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