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MOJO - Definition Of

The term MOJO is used a lot in the guitar & guitar gear culture. It kinda adds spice and breaks up the monotony of the term TONE. Like maybe if you really have a handle on the tone thing, you graduate into MOJO class. Or maybe your tone sucks but it doesn't matter cause your attitude rules. Seems like that anyway.

Our great Blues Fathers talked about it, which is why we talk about it and use the term to sell things today.

Catherine Yronwode, an expert in Hoodoo practice gives a thorough and extensive explanation of MOJO at luckymojo.com -- Here's a short excerpt:

"...So what is a mojo? It is, in short, the staple amulet of African-American hoodoo practice, a flannel bag containing one or more magical items. The word is thought by some to be a corruption of the English word "magic" but it more likely is related to the West African word "mojuba," meaning a prayer of praise and homage. It is a "prayer in a bag" -- a spell you can carry..."

BTW, she doesn't think much of Mr. Mojo Risin' Morrison. Don't mess with her. "The monkey lives here! You just vistin'!"

Lightnin' Hopkins' Mojo Hand was probably a little bag of magical items.

The Johnny Concheroo in Muddy Waters' "Mannish Boy" refers to John The Conquerer Root aka High John, which as it turns out is the tuberous root of the St. John's Wort herb, used today as a natural alternative for treating depression. Sometimes this root and others resemble a hand and thus may also be referred to as a Mojo Hand.

While surfing around eBay Stores for "Voodoo Strats", I discovered a bunch of Stores for Voodoo, Hoodoo, Wiccan and other metaphysical stuff. These stores sell jewelry, potions, lotions, roots and spells. Imagine buying a friggin' SPELL on eBay! Well, a few of these stores have been selling at eBay for over 10 years, and maintain 100% ratings. In fact, one merchant in particular has nearly 20K positive ratings with ZERO negatives-- SELLING SPELLS! There are spells to help your financial situation, love life, worry, heath, weight problems, handling your boss-- y'know, all the usual stuff.

But Mojo must be real! How else could someone do thousands of transactions, selling magic spells without a single dissatisfied customer?! Maybe most people are superstitious of dealing with Voodoo merchants, and don't wanna give themselves bad karma by complaining if their spell didn't work. Some may even be Toyota drivers, some may be litigation attorneys and some may be pharmaceutical reps or expert witness psychiatrists.

Oh yeah, you're supposed to keep your Mojo Bag or Mojo Hand out of sight and completely to yourself too. If someone sees it, the magic can go away.

How this all pertains to guitars, gear and guitar playing is metaphorical. Just remember to always keep one foot in the Blues.

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