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Large Guitar Cable Selection - Mogami, Lava, Monster & George L's

Best quality instrument & patch cable, cords and plugs.

George L's Deluxe Purple kit w/black capsGeorge L's Deluxe Purple kit w/black caps - In Stock: Al's Music Source

Mogami 2524 Silent 10' w/Neutrik plugsMogami 2524 Silent 10' w/Neutrik plugs - In Stock: Pro Audio LA Cables

Lava Cable Solder-Free Mini ELC Pedalboard Kit Black - 20 Right Angle Plugs - Diablo's Music, Findlay, Ohio

Here are a few suppliers for really good guitar cable who stock friggin' tons of the stuff! Or maybe I should say miles of it.

Al's Music Source - California based supplier, claims to have the largest George L's inventory "on the planet". The George L's deluxe kits are currently available in black, blue, purple & red with various combos of caps colors -- and Al's has it all in stock.

ProAudioLA-llc - Huge cable outfit with lots of Mogami cable that they terminate in-house with Neutrik plugs. Other top cable brands also available.

Diablos Music - Lava Cable dealer.

Musician's Friend - Large selection of Monster Cable and other more budget priced lines.

Eric Johnson uses George L's, and Scott Henderson is a big fan of Mogami cable. DL Cable is used by Al DiMeola & Tommy Emmanuel. Either way you can't go wrong.

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