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James Trussart Metal Snake Steelcaster

Hollow Tele Style Steel Body Guitar

James Trussart Headstock
James Trussart Guitar Back Body Grill
James Trussart Metal Snake SteelcasterClick images for close-up view!

Trussart stuff is like half 1930's retro and half apocalyptic. I really started diggin' the vibe when I saw their magazine ad sportin' the rusty old pickup truck loaded with these things-- and also a photo of Billy Gibbons onstage with a Trussart.

They mainly focus on the Tele profile. It's really a pre-Strat feel... then again, in the apocalyptic sense, imagine mankind emerging from the wreckage with these Mad Max metal Tele's; the only guitars to survive. I can see Keef Richards leading the fray, wielding his Trussart to clear away giant mutant cockroach stage crashers, then roasting smores on the back side-- and stuffing the f-hole with Marlboro butts.

It could happen...

Maybe it's Tetanus booster time!

ANDY'S GUITARS ETC. is listing this Snake Steelcaster. Andy's has lots of other cool boutique guitar and amp lines, i.e. Suhr, Nash, Melancon, Brubaker and more. Go look around.

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