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Hubert Sumlin Guitar Lesson & Stories

This video is interesting on various levels. We have the legendary Hubert Sumlin backed up by Jimmy Vivino, Levon Helm and David Johansen. If that weren't enough, Hubert is showing us the correct way to play "Smokestack Lightening", with the added inset frame showing just his right hand. Sumlin's technique came into it's own when he got rid of the pick on the advice of his original boss Howlin' Wolf. True story.

Also, you gotta appreciate that the cat can dress. Check the Pork Pie Hat, double breasted coat and starched cuffs. And he's comfortable as can be.

Hubert is on the Crossroads Fest 2010 Line-up .

Another true story about Hubert Sumlin is that Eric Clapton once gave Hubert his "Blackie" Strat. Click Here for another clip with the whole story. You haven't lived until you hear Hubert imitate Clapton's English butler!

My other favorite Sumlin clip is the Coffee Story & lesson with his red Strat.

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