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G&L Shoreline Gold Legacy - Lefty & Regular

Click image for big close-up!

Guitar Adoptions currently has two brand new Shoreline Legacy's in stock-- a righty & a lefty! Although Shoreline Gold is most closely associated with Fender, the term "Shoreline Gold" isn't a Fender owned color designation. Most of Fender's classic custom color options derive from 50's American automobile finishes. Specifically regarding Shoreline Gold-- according to Guitar ReRanch, "It was first seen on the '59 Pontiac and used from '60 to '65 by Fender..."

Anyway, Guitar Adoptions has a large selection of custom order G&L models as well as other cool lines like Michael Tuttle, Flaxwood & others. I'd almost wanna get the lefty Shoreline and string it righty- voodoo style. Dave at GA probably stocks more lefty and semi-hollow G&L than any other dealer.

A little tip-- when checking gear prices at Guitar Adoptions, always be sure to click their item page shopping cart button for the special discount amount. Their "MAP" pricing is NOT your actual cost!

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