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Fulltone Clyde Wah Pedal - Heavy Duty Built!

Fulltone Clyde White Housing
Black & White!

Fulltone Clyde Wah Pedal

These are rugged pedals! Check out that bolt in the pivot area.

Trivia time: The name "Clyde" is taken from the old 60's VOX Clyde McCoy model wah pedals, named after the 1930's Jazz trumpet player who was known for using a toilet plunger to make wah wah sounds with his horn.

So, there you have the derivation of the wah pedal in one sentence.

Fulltone builds 'em tough too!

Fulltone Clyde pedals are available where better effects are sold:

TunnelVision Music


Fulltone Clyde's @eBay
(Dealer/Store listings recommended at eBay)

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