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Exotic Musikraft Stratocaster & Tele Necks!

Musikraft exotic finish Strat & Tele necks

Exotic wood Strat neckOooooooh Sweeeeeet!!!

Exotic wood Musikraft finish Strat-Tele Neck

I guess this qualifies as guitar neck p*o*r*n as much as anything ever could!

Jamerson-Guitars a Top-rated Seller, is Fender licensed Musikraft's Official eBay "Custom Shop".

They are currently listing a variety of exotic wood necks, i.e. zebrawood, cocobolo, striped-figured ebony and several other crazy looking woods along with maple. They feature traditional shellac and nitro finishing services and custom bone nut installations.

The best thing to do is just visit the above link and read the info. in a few item listings. Oh yeah, and look at the pictures!

If you're looking for more ideas for a unique Strat or Tele config., maybe an exotic neck is the answer.

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