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Eric Johnson's Experience Hendrix Interview

photo credit: Max Crace

The Santa Barbara Independent recently featured a cool Eric Johnson interview as he sharpens his chops for the Experience Hendrix tour which kicks off on March 4, 2010 at Santa Barbara's Arlington Theater. The tribute tour also includes Satriani, Jonny Lang, KWS, Ernie Isley, Doyle Bramhall II, Susan Tedeschi, Robert Randolf, Living Colour, Chris & Tommy from Double Trouble, Cesar & David from Los Lobos, BILLY COX and more I'm sure.

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Here's an interesting excerpt from the EJ interview:

SBI: "People have been doing Hendrix covers for so many years. Is it still possible to find fresh angles on his music?"

EJ: "I think so. The strongest reason is because he was a great songwriter. He wrote really great songs with really great lyrics and nice melodies. It just so happened he was a brilliant, innovative guitarist. But I think what makes him stand the test of time for many generations is the fact that he wrote great songs, great music, and great melody. It’s music that people can take in their heart and soul and be moved by it, or connect with it, or feel it and enjoy it. And that’s going to speak a lot louder than what he did on the guitar."

A great example of what Eric's talking about here is Austin guitarist Phil Brown's album of Hendrix covers with Brown's own twist, as opposed to something Randy Hansen does.

Click Here for a sample. Phil Brown - The Jimi Project @Amazon

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