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Edgar Winter Guitarist Doug Rappoport

Yeah, even though Doug is playing a Les Paul here, he always has an automatic Stratoblogster pass! We feature Mr. Rappoport from time to time whether he's playing his Strat or not. My favorite grossly underrated guitar player. Pay attention to how many approaches, genres and players Doug can cop, and still be himself.

This is also a lesson for all we double cutaway players-- especially all you 12" compound radius, 24+ fret, whammy wankin', sweep/shredder, ergonomigeeks who consider a Les Paul too limiting.

Don't worry, Stratoblogster is still Strat territory. The point is it's ultimately about players. Our love for guitar playing, gear, this industry, guitar culture and even guitar blogging is driven by great players, legends and icons. Although Rappoport isn't broadly known, he's a great player who ignores boundaries many of us avoid in our quest for gear that will play itself.

But that's part of the business, right?

JP Stratoblogster & Doug Rappoport 2/8/09

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