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Disembodied EJ Strat Neck Only Auction (?????)

Fender Eric Johnson Strat, neck, body & parts.

Don't see the body??? That's because there isn't one-- and no mention as to it's whereabouts, status, demise, circumstances, etc... This kinda stuff drives me nuts, cuz now I'm just tryin' to understand a mysterious situation. Do some people think they'll net more $ if they sell a guitar component by component, was there some bizarre accident or what?

Anyway this listing is funny on different levels. Read the following exerpt:

"...This neck is straight from a Fender Eric Johnson Artist Series Stratocaster.

This neck was only played a handful of times. It is in perfect condition! The thin nitro finish on this neck is incredible and is made in the USA!


...This is a complete package and includes original tuners, neckplate, screws, tags & stickers, etc. (hardcase not included)..."

Amusing points:

"The neck is straight..." - Good to know! Okay, not that funny but keep reading.

"...neck was only played a HANDFUL of times." - Get the pun? I dunno about anyone else, but I nearly spit my coffee through my nose on that line. Seriously, get the pun??

Okay, maybe you'll think something here is kinda funny.

...This is a complete package and includes original tuners, neckplate, screws, tags & stickers, etc. (hardcase not included)..."

So he's holding onto the case because:

1) It's lighter and easier to carry now.

2) Gonna ultimately make lots more $ selling the case separate.

3) Using the case to keep all the cash made from parting out Strats.

4) Using the case to keep socks and underwear.

5) Using the case to keep weed-- under the socks and underwear.

6) Putting case through a wood chipper, and using chips to smoke some ribs because his secret
bar-b-que spice ingredient is actually TOLEX. Don't try this at home!

7) Just bought a magician's extension course, and plans to saw the empty case in half then make a brand new completely assembled EJ Strat appear (It's a good extension course!). Then he can disassemble it and continue selling part by part until he becomes the richest man in the world.

I mean how much imagination can I get from one whacky eBay listing?

Seller: rockmark

Current Item ID# 320482931744

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