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CARR Rambler 112 Alligator & Matching Boots

Carr Rambler 112 Combo Alligator Finish

There's a few Carr Ramblers floatin' around out there right now, but they ain't alligator models.
The boots may not be a perfect match, but close enough. If someone criticizes this combo, you simply place a boot where it counts and kick up the volume.

CARR Amplifiers RAMBLER 112

Custom Alligator Color

"The bluesy and buttery tone of this vintage-style amp is already garnering raves. The Rambler excels in the studio, at small to medium sized clubs, and its superb sound at low volume makes it great for playing at home. Class A cathode bias 6L6 output stage Zero feedback Single channel with reverb and tremolo Pentode-Triode power switch 28 watts pentode 14 watts triode Compact size."

Seller: Amp-Shop eBay Store, aka Bass Exchange, Sherman Oaks.

Item ID# 320478985846

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