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2009 Custom Shop 55 Relic Stratocaster

COPPER METALLIC FINISH "Guitar Broker" Limited Edition
Flame maple custom shop neck and headstockNice flame!

Aged gold hardware.
Copper Metallic Stratocaster
Custom Special Ordered COPPER METALLIC finish!!!

Custom Shop '55 Relic Copper Metallic StratocasterClick for close-ups.

Seller: Cars and Guitars eBay Store, 100% positive feedback

Item ID# 370282858054

How often do you see a copper metallic Strat? I'm sure I must have seen one, but can't remember when-- and we've never featured one, which at this point is significant. Probably the closest is the Palomino finish EJ RW, but not really... This one looks more like the top of a Duracell.

Anyway, you gotta check out this Fort Lauderdale based seller's inventory! Classic cars and serious high end vintage guitars for sure! Strats are actually a minority compared to lots of vintage Gibson, Gretch & Martin stuff. A few nice Teles are available, but the real surprise in the Fender dept. is quite a few Jags and Jazzmasters. Fans of these models definitely need to check out the stock.

Oh yeah, cars. Anyone lookin' for a '69 Mustang 429 or a 50's Benz gull wing roadster? Crazy!

My only issue with the copper Strat listing is lack of a COA photo, and no mention of a *COA. It's a 2009 Custom shop build described as #1 of only 3 pieces, with a beautiful flame maple neck too. I've messaged the seller a query about the COA, so stay tuned here for an update. Still decided to feature the guitar because of the seller's rating, large very hi-end inventory-- and because I really dig this rare copper finish!

*COA exists and should be posted shortly!

See seller's main website: http://guitarbroker.com/

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