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1992 Brazilian SRV Stratocaster - RARE

Vintage Collectible
SRV Brazilian RW 1992 Neck Stamp
SRV Stratocaster Headstock

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Houston based Fuller's Vintage Guitar is currently listing this rare SRV Brazilian, which simply refers to the Brazilian rosewood fretboards used in the first run of SRV Strats before Fender switched to Pao Ferro boards. Fuller's say's less than 100 of these were made. I haven't found a cross ref. online to verify the quantity of Brazilian RW SRV's made, but Fuller's is a Fender Dealer and a 100% rated eBay Stores merchant with tons of hi-end & vintage gear. Do your homework! The general buzz is that they are "first run" or "first year" and indeed rare.

The seller provides full specs, thorough description and plenty of photos including disassembly/dissection shots i.e. the above March '92 neck butt stamp pic. The body is also stamped March '92.

So if you're lookin' for a rare & official SRV trophy axe, you're lookin' at one sittin' down there in Texas bein' all Texafied and such with it's big ol' frets just thinkin' to itself, "Please God, don't let 'em send me to Hong Kong!"


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