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1983 Custom Pensa-Suhr - Friday Feature #159

Early model Rudy Pensa- John Suhr built Strat

Seller: hoznomore

A Strat for Friday #159

This is definitely a piece of guitar history, but the seller is kinda off the deep end in more ways than one. Okay, first of all he's the original owner, and he custom ordered this guitar back in '83 from John Suhr back when Suhr was with Rudy Pensa in NYC. So it's killin' this guy to part with the guitar. Hence, he's askin' lotsa $$$ for it, and the long winded listing description is charged up with so much drama that you can cut it with a chain saw.
Look's like he's re-listed it at least once, and ain't no bidders yet.

Regardless, his heart rendering essay also includes a fair amount of background on the Pensa-Suhr days. It's interesting reading if you can take the stress fest. The seller is based in NYC, so maybe folks from there will read this and wonder what's the fuss. Still, I get about 3 paragraphs deep and the voice of George Costanza in a tirade takes over, and Kramer's gonna fly through the door any second.

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