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Tonestyler Pre-wired, Loaded Strat Pickguards

Stellartone tone control configured.

Stellartone Tonestyler
Pre-wired Tonestyler Strat Pickguard

Here's a tortoiseshell pickguard pre-wired with Texas Specials, CTS vol pots, Fender switch and a Stellartone-Tonestyler tone control. Tonestyler's are not tone pots, they are a very smooth rotary switch utilizing a bunch of chip caps, like the tone controls in hi-end analog audio gear. They don't require batteries and directly replace your stock tone pot without any routing, modding, chiseling, jack hammering or dynamite.

Tricked Out Guitar loads & pre-wires these pickguards, and also stocks the Tonestyler line.

Tricked Out Guitar

Tonestyler demo video

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