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Tone Psychology - Listen and Talk to Your Amp

Gettin' tired of this yet?

Still, even more riffing off the February (2010) issue of PG article The Psychology of Tone which consults a real psychologist... or maybe a Sears psychologist in a real Mexican poncho, with authority to write prescriptions.


When you plug in, it's time to listen and focus on what's coming out of the amp. Your amp may be trying to tell you something. Adding shiny metal boxes in the chain in order to medicate your amp into a sweet disposition, may come with unwanted side effects-- like, your chops still aren't makin' it Sam.

The amp is another instrument you gotta learn to play, it's amplifying your communication with your guitar and your sound. When the voices in your head get real loud, you best learn to sing real good or the white truck's gonna show up for your ass. So get your guitar chops together cause the amp don't lie, and neither do the folks next door.

The clip below features Austin guitarist David Grissom with the band Storyville. In the intro., Grissom is basically having a nice conversation with his amp. And he's talkin' to the power amp stage too. Sure he has great gear, but I'll betcha he learned how to commune with any gear first and foremost.

Have you told your amp "I love you" lately?

Plenty of this stuff on Storyville's Live at Antones release:

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