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Psychology of Guitar Tone - Keep the EDGE!

More riffing off the February (2010) issue of PG article The Psychology of Tone which consults a real psychologist... or maybe a Sears psychologist.


Sorry to anyone expecting something about U2's The Edge. Today's tip comes from a recent live performance video with Todd Rundgren, about keepin' it rough and keepin' an edge in your playing and approach. Anyone familiar with Rundgren knows that nobody can be slicker and more polished in the studio. But at the same time, Todd knows how to keep it punk, wave the freak flag and give the crowd something very raw and edgy.

With musicians like Jesse Gress, Kasim Sultan, Prairie Prince and Rachel Hayden daughter of Charlie Hayden, Todd could easily tumble his rocks into some kinda highly polished Jeff Lynne, Rippingtons, Disney-Pixar marble products. Instead, he just plugs in and goes for it! And 60+ TR is even older than Sammy Hagar.

Stay on the edge my friends! Tone is on the edge.

Todd's 2009 "Arena" release

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