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Pre Order G&L Cantrell Blue Dress Limited & Whipper Snapper Amp

G&L Whipper Snapper Guitar Amp
G&L Rampage Jerry Cantrell Limited Edition Blue Dress Guitar

Dave at Guitar Adoptions has some hot, new G&L action cookin' from the NAMM wrap-up.

First, G&L introduced the new Whipper Snapper 18W combo amp line. The GA Blog has all details and specs. These will be shipping in a few weeks, and can be pre-ordered now from Guitar Adoptions.

Also available for pre-order is the G&L Rampage Jerry Cantrell Limited Edition "Blue Dress" guitar, shipping in March. Only 50 of these are being made, and right this moment Dave has 3 secured that aren't yet spoken for. Anyone interested needs to contact Dave Schmidt at Guitar Adoptions right away!

The GA blog link above also has all the scoop on the Blue Dress guitar.

Oh yeah, and let him know that Stratoblogster sent ya, so that I get my Little Debbie Snack Cakes!!!

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