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New Eric Johnson Release... Soon As He's Ready...

(photo credit: www.euphonix.com)

And no sooner!!!

UPDATE: Amazon indicates Nov. 9, 2010
Available now for preorder:

Darren let me know about this week's MusicRadar feature on Eric Johnson's upcoming, upcoming, upcoming release. I'm just sayin' don't hold your breath kids, cause there's not even a firm title name yet. EJ's thinkin' about calling it "UP CLOSE" as in up close to maybe being complete?

Then we get the teaser that EJ has a stockpile of over 100 songs... Thanks a lot.

Just PR. Actually, for all my sarcasm here, I'm all about EJ takin' his sweet time and releasing new stuff when it's right.

The album is reported to include guest spots by Steve Miller, Jimmie Vaughan and Jonny Lang, and will include some sort of Stevie Wonder tribute.

Sounds cool to me! Everyone keep your eyes and ears peeled for more developments.

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