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Guitar Bloggers to Descend on NAMM 2010 Anaheim

No. I'm not going to NAMM next week, but a coupla favorite-- and totally legit guitar bloggers will be on the scene reporting all the good stuff we wanna know.

Peter Hodgson of i heart guitar, and Billy Penn of 300Guitars are making the pilgrimage to Anaheim. Hodgson is already featuring preview stuff as he's very connected through the Guitar Mag networks. Billy's veteran techie insights should provide valuable info too. These guys are serious experts who will provide plenty of great NAMM hi-lites fast. Serious guitar bloggers... in serious leather, serious chains, serious clothing.

Well, alrighty then...

Just check the above links to see what quality guitar blogging is all about! You'll wanna stay tuned to these sites kids.

Also, remember to tune into Barry Wood's NAMM Oddities later in January. Each year, Barry assembles all the strange and bizarre stuff from the Anaheim shows, and features it at his NAMM Oddities pages. Go see his 2009 finds right now for an idea of what to expect.

Everyone is welcome to comment and share any NAMM discoveries and experiences.

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