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Freddie King 1967 Gibson ES 355 for Bid

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Freddie King's Gibson ES-355

I'm Straying from the usual Strat fare due to the high significance of this current eBay listing! According to the seller, this '67 ES 355 originally belonged to Blues legend Freddie King.

As always, any seriously interested collectors should do thorough due diligence. The seller claims to have authentication & appraisal paperwork. They are 100% rated with an eBay Top Rated Seller badge, located in USA and currently list other items.

From the listing description:

"I am offering for sale a Gibson ES 355 owned by Freddie King. This is one of several ES 355s that Freddie owned as well as a ES 345 and several Les Pauls. The guitar was built in 1967. The Serial # 580445 is from a time when Gibson often duplicated serial numbers, sometimes up to 4 times. The date of 1967 is probably within a year. Freddie had disabled the Gibson tremolo and added a tail stop. The guitar has been inspected under black light and there has been no repairs. As you can see by the photos, it has seen many road miles. I have an appraisal done in August of 2000 in Nashville by James Jaworowicz of Memphis Memorabilia. At that time the appraisal value in 2000 was between $35,000 and $37,500.00. Included with the paperwork, is rather humorous letter written by a tech that was traveling with one of Freddie’s opening bands. It tells of how he was stenciling the bands new equipment and Freddie asked to borrow the stencils. Together the two of them stenciled the guitar case” Freddie King-Texas Cannonball - Fragle”, misspelling the word “Fragile”. This guitar is a serious piece of blues history. Please, serious inquires only."

Seller: fijidvr

Current Item ID# 180375852258

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