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Fender Masterbuilt Clapton Gold Leaf - Friday #155

Vintage-Collectible Stratocaster

Fender Eric Clapton Gold Leaf Strat
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Mark Kendrick Masterbuilt Gold Leaf Clapton Stratocaster

Strat Collector Alert!!!

Bangkok Thailand eBay seller guitar-reach is listing this Mark Kendrick Masterbuilt gold leaf finish Clapton model. The merchant has history and 100% rating, and is also currently listing an Ibanez Satriani Crystal Planet guitar.

Background on the Clapton Gold Leaf stems from EC ordering one Strat of this config in '96, which was built by Mark Kendrick. Clapton later auctioned this guitar thru Christies for $455K. Later, Fender and Clapton coordinated on a Kendrick built tribute run of gold leaf Strat's.

The COA and ser# are readable, and you can see Kendrick's signature with the headstock Custom Shop stamp (click images for large view!).

Interested collectors should contact Fender Consumer Relations at 1 (800) 856-9801 for more background info. on the instrument. My limited web research resulted in a conflict as to whether these guitars were produced as a 15 piece run or a 50 piece run. A call to Fender validated this ser# and build date on the COA, and verified that it's a gold leaf build, but the person I spoke with was unable to determine how many total pieces were in the run. So overall, it looks legit, but always do your due diligence!

Consider that either 15 or 50 pieces is still considerably less than Fender's Blackie, Lenny or SRV #1 runs, making this one more rare.

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