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Fender Bassman, Bandmaster, Showman, Tremolux Set for Bid

Vintage Fender Blonde Amp Collection Auction
Vintage Fender Blonde Amp Collection

Collect all four!

Yeah, I know I'm pimpin' a lot of eBay gear these days, but stuff like this can't be ignored. Talk about the girls next door, the fantastic four pictured above is going as a set. Here's the seller's description:

"These first generation production Fender piggypack amplifiers (post-Tweed combos and pre-Blackface) are generally considered to be some of the rarest, most desirable and best sounding amps ever made. This collection, which was assembled over many years, consists of amps and cabinets that are completely original and cosmetically very clean. There are four amps: SHOWMAN (1x15" original JBL speaker, 85 watts, made 1960-62 in rough white/oxblood); BASSMAN (2x12"original speakers, made 1961-62 in rough white/oxblood); BANDMASTER (2x12" original speakers, made 1961-62 in rough white/oxblood); TREMOLUX (1x10" original speaker, made 1961 in rough white/oxblood). This collection is perfect for a recording studio, band or collector. Questions will be answered only from those who have already placed bids. Bids are invited on the entire collection only. I have set a low reserve compared to the Vintage Guitar Price Guide value for this collection, which is approximately $12,400."

And if that weren't enough, the seller has other hi-end gear listed besides the four blondes above. Location- Greenwich, CT.

Seller: ilsted 100% rating

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