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Cheap Loaded Pickguards & BYO Guitar Kits

Multi-color Strat Pickup Covers and Knobs.
Cheap Loaded Pickguard Scratchplates
Multi-color-ed Strat Pickup Covers and knobs
Color loaded pickguards

"...The traffic lights may turn... BLUE, tomorrow..."

I'm talkin' really cheap-- so they're probably better suited as decorative wall accents for the bar, man cave or rumpus room, weenie roast, wing ding, patio events facility.

guitarpartsonline also has build-your-own guitar kits with unfinished bodies & necks, at bargain basement prices-- see below.

Now you're probably wondering why I'm promoting this stuff, when I try to keep things on the hi-end boutique side. As well you should. Cheap BYO kits are kind of an intriguing way to get one's feet wet with the luthiery thing.

Maybe your New Year's resolution is to quit smoking, and you need something to do with your hands that you can completely trash in a snap moment of withdrawal psychosis. Perhaps a good test run project for someone contemplating an eventual serious build with premium components. Something to set on fire, to re-finish with one's own blood-- for fun, and maybe to even play before mounting above the booze shelf. Beats hell out of carving soap ducks or weaving wallets out of ciggy packs like they do in the joint. Just a few choice & meaningful reasons to consider a cheap kit build.

Anything I can do to instill & inspire your nifty 2010 to-do list priorities.

BYO - DIY Strat Guitar Kitssolid ash body!


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