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Bonnie Raitt Stratocaster For Sale

Rare 1995 natural burst with gold hardware & Texas Specials
Bonnie Raitt Stratocaster headstock

Hot couch potato! Who cares what happened to the remote?!!

Fender Bonnie Raitt Sunburst StratClick images for close-ups.

Frankie B's First Fret Guitar Shop has some interesting inventory i.e. a 1953 Tweed Bassman, a '72 Oly White/maple Tele, some LP's, Ricks and other Strats besides our featured '95 Bonnie Raitt.

No longer made, Fender's Bonnie Raitt Strats came in blue burst and standard burst with gold hardware like the one above. This '95 is generally clean but has been played a lot. Gold plated hardware is notorious for easily wearing away, and this one is no exception. Otherwise, it comes with Texas Specials, pearly pickguard/trem cover and fat headstock with artist signature. Seller says saddles have been replaced, but that original saddles are stashed in the orig. case, included.

The seller is 100% rated.

Item ID# 140367330243

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