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Abalone Stratocaster, Custom Shop #1 of 25 Pieces

Rare Fender Collectible Strat Guitar

Abalone Strat Headstock

Fender Custom Shop Abalone Strat #1 of 25Click photos for close-ups!!!

Serious Strat Collector Alert!!!

Besides a few one-off Masterbuilts we've seen, this is certainly one the most unique Strats I've ever featured. Discovered at Guitarz blog who featured it earlier.

This Abalone Custom Shop Strat is #1 of a 25 piece run, built in '95. The COA indicates a "Guitar & Amp Set", but an amp is not included, and there is no other mention of the amp. However, there are literally dozens of great photos in the listing, including full dissection disassembly pics.

The seller: mijsixstringskatana is a Tokyo based dealer with a large number of hi-end gear listings you should also browse thru. The Abalone Strat is listed with eBay globally, and the seller has plenty of no B.S. rules for bidding, as well as shipping info. for various parts of the world.

This is a very cool collector piece worth checking out!

Current Item ID# 120523046255

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