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Play Better Guitar With a Big Dogs T-Shirt!

Scott Henderson Big Dogs T-Shirt
Big Dogs Sportswear has a full line of apparel. But for guitar players, there's only The Super Soft Washed Crew in white, like the ones Scott Henderson wears. That's right! These are 100% cotton jersey material treated with a heavy enzyme wash for ultimate softness.

There just isn't a more comfortable shirt to wear, and Big Dogs is also currently running holiday specials on pajama and lounge pants.

Life is Full of ChoicesYou have my personal guarantee that Big Dogs Sportswear products will make you play better guitar and jump higher too!

"Life is Full of Choices" lounge pants.

You want a pair of these.

Big Dogs Lounge Pants - redlined an EXTRA 20% plus BOGO 50% off! Expires December 14, 2009

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