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KGC Brass Trem Block Demo Video

Guitar Bridge & Trem Parts

I've promoted KGC brass blocks before, and have one in my Strat. But since I'm such a weenie not to have yet done a demo video, here's a pretty good demo just uploaded to Youtube by Lance Olsen. Bear with the talking in the beginning-- he gets to playing, and you'll wanna hear the sustain and definition he's getting with a clean, straight signal. It would have been nice to hear a before comparison with the old block first. But just like me, in all the anxiousness to install the new one, demoing the stock block was overlooked.

My '94 - 40th Anniversary USA Strat also came with a lightweight zinc-ish type block, so a US produced model doesn't always guarantee a hefty steel block. MIM owners are definitely experiencing nice benefits from the KGC blocks. They are machined from hi-grade heavy bell brass.

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