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Hendrix Monterey Pop Fender Custom Shop Strat

1997 Anniversary Stratocaster For Sale
Fender Custom Shop Hendrix Monterey Strat

Strat Collector Alert!!!

In 1997 Fender Custom Shop produced 210 Hendrix Monterey Strats with hand painted graphics by Pamelina H. to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Jimi's Monterey Pop performance. #68 is currently for sale, & listed as a "Buy it Now!" on eBay. The COA indicates a 1997 production date, and this guitar comes complete with flight case, white soft case and all original case candy.

Although the legendary Monterey Pop Festival occurred in 1967, the concert film was released in '68 when Hendrix' career was still peaking. So build #67 will bear more mojo for some folks, but #68 still reflects the era. If that means something to you, then hoo-haa! it is.

Regardless, anyone serious on this one-- with the serious necessary moolah to boot, is advised to do their due diligence checklist most thoroughly, especially as this guitar is located in Greece (no slam on the wonderful country of Greece-- just that most readers probably don't live near there). OPA!!!

Seller: savvas9fessas 100% rated

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