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Heavy Leather NYC Concho Guitar Strap

Guitar Strap Heavy Leather NYC

In the never ending effort to provide you with fine holiday gift ideas, we're excited to present the works of Rachael with HEAVY LEATHER NYC, who is makin' the most badass guitar straps I've seen in several lifetimes. Real Sundance Kid stuff!

Besides the main website and Heavy Leather NYC eBay Store, where you can browse in-stock items and lots of photos, these straps are currently only available in a few music specialty shops in Manhattan. And these ain't no cheezy, cheap, little wimpy straps either folks. Each strap is personally handcrafted of the finest materials & precious metals with exquisite attention to detail. Not a speck of cereal fillers, artificial preservatives or trans fats, kids!

A Heavy Leather NYC could be the last strap you'll ever need.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

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