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Defiantly Starkly Purple Voodoo - Strats With Issues #8

Purple Sparkle Flake Hendrix Voodoo Strat

This one actually has some highly redeeming points, but the cheesy listing and wacky spelling errors are a bit on the distracting side. The idea that eBay seller jalubieto's less than 100% rating may stem from a lack of proof reading skill is entirely plausible.

Otherwise, ya gotta dig that neck maple. The CS stamp and GC Anniversary neck plate pics are clear. I wish the pickups were reverse angle too, but not all Hendrix Strats had that-- even the "Voodoo" tagged models. And lastly, if purple sparkly no matter how defiantly starkly does it for you... well, maybe we've found your ultimate soul mate. But do your homework kids!

Anyway... Lately things, they don't seem the same.

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