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Bill Nash S-67 Gilmour Look - #152 Friday Strat

Nash Signed Gilmour Tribute Guitar

Nash Signed Headstock

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Nash S-67 Gilmour Style Black Strat

Anyone wanting a good player's S-type in a classic relic'd Gilmour theme, without Fender fru fru and cost, oughta get over to Fat Tone Guitars and check out this new Nash S-67. Signed and dated by Bill the builder (yes he can!) behind that fat 70's headstock, this unit sports special Lollar pickups, intuitive wear & tear and comes with a hardshell case.

Although Lollar makes a few Strat pickup sets, i.e. Tweed, Blackface, etc., the Lollar pups on Nash guitars are always a custom workup between Bill and Jason who live in close proximity, and go way back.

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